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18 January 13
I’ve been killing it on Twitter lately.
— a thing I heard an actual person say in real life
8 January 13

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No band makes feeling like a shitheel sound better than this band.

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Posted: 12:31 PM

I haven’t seen this yet but I think Richard Ayoade might secretly be me.

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7 January 13

cosmo tip #553


why go back to school when you can lay in bed all day and maybe touch a dong or something

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5 January 13

Simon Amstell is the best.

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26 December 12

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25 December 12
24 December 12

Best Records of 2012

Most of the best new music I listened to this year was stuff I never got around to in 2011 but these records are pretty awesome too. Click on the titles to download them before Mediafire inevitably takes them down.

1. Propagandhi - Failed States
2. Arms Aloft - Sawdust City
3. Classics Of Love - S/T
4. New Bruises - Chock Full Of Misery
5. The Dopamines - Vices
6. Hard Girls - Isn’t It Worse
7. Cain Marko - Show Me The Way To Go Home
8. Dan Padilla - Sports Fans
9. Grabass Charlestons - Dale & The Careeners
10. Cheap Girls - Giant Orange

23 December 12

It’s 2:03AM and I’m watching a babyfaced Stephen Colbert on an old episode of Whose Line because this is my life now I guess.

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